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Something's NOT working in your life.  Whether it's a shitty boss, demanding kids, or that nagging internal reel in your head.

It sucks being at this stage in your life and not feeling satisfied.

Your dreams and goals seem like they belonged to another person.   Your life is NOT what you imagined it would be.     

What if I told you that in 3 simple steps your life could be DRAMATICALLY different, would you believe me?

I'll tell you about the steps in a bit.  First, I want to talk about some questions that you probably have.

A lot of clients are skeptical at first.  Don't worry that's normal and expected.  Quite honestly, I would be too.

Many are worried about the time it will take, the money, and the process.  

And almost everyone asks the question, "Why can't I just be happy?"

Coaching is best suited for busy people with hectic schedules.  Since coaching is a virtual service, our meetings can be custom tailored to suit your needs.  

Professional coaching is an investment, just like psychotherapy or career training.  But unlike retail therapy, coaching has a huge ROI.  According to Startup Happiness, a study showed that the ROI was 6.8 times the client's initial investment.

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How Does Life Coaching work?

It's actually pretty simple.  After you submit your 2-minute coaching questionnaire, I'll respond to your answers within one week.  

Next, we set up an initial assessment meeting.  This can be done via phone or email--whichever works best for you.  

During the assessment your goal will be broken down into manageable assignments and we'll get started that day.  

Depending on the complexity of your goal, I should be able to estimate the amount of time it will take for you to actualize your dream.

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"I Just Want to Be Happy."

It's seems crazy that you're even on this site looking for a professional to help coach you through your own life.  I get it.  

The truth is that it's pretty hard to make yourself happy when you're busy jumping through society's hoops.

Hell, it's extremely difficult to even know how to be you anymore.  You continue to ask yourself "Who am I," and "What do I want"? 

What made you become so ambivalent?  Societal expectations.  It's because society dictates the way we should dress, how we should look, and what we should accomplish, in order to be considered "a success".  


Society's mission is to keep us spending money on stuff we don't need and believing that without it we're not going to be happy. 

The shittiest thing about it, is that it never will be enough.  The CEO position, the big house, or the perfect body.  It'll never make you happy.  

But like they say, you can only tell a person something so many times before they start to believe it as the truth.

Until today.  I'm determined to make a difference in this world one person at a time.  The question is, will you be the next one?


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"Why can't I be happy?"

It's honestly the world we live in.  You're encouraged to wear the phrase, "I'm busy" like a badge of honor and ostracized when you actually sit down.  

Then you're bombarded by the media that tells you on one hand that you're not enough and then on the other, holds out a solution (for a price of course) that promises to make you better.  You buy into the advertisements--just to get some relief.  

This turns into a vicious cycle causing you to question if you even have any control over your life.  THE TRUTH IS, YOU DO.  

STORY: Read more about Societal Expectations and how they lead us on a never ending detour

3 simple steps

The Simple 3 Step Process

Living a happy and fulfilling life doesn't have to be painful.  

We try and search of the easiest way to get what we want and end up making it 100x harder that it has to be.

Step # 1:  Slow Down.  After you say "Yes," to coaching, you and I will slow your life down.  We'll take a giant step back to see what's working and what needs to be pitched.  

This seems like a no brainer, but truthfully when you're immersed in the mayhem, you forget that it's the simplest things that make the biggest changes.  

Once you take inventory of your life you'll be able to piece together your idea lifestyle.  This is a HUGE component to your happiness.  

Step #2:  Simplify.  It's time to trim the excess!  The biggest key to living a happy life is not to over complicate it.  Once you conquer this step you will feel 100 pounds lighter!  I guarantee it.

Step #3:  Savor.  Put your feet up and take in what you created.  This is the final step and the most rewarding.  During this phase I will teach you how to show up for your life.  Learn how to be present and in the moment.


You'll Learn The Skill of Discernment

Imagine that your neighbor comes up and asks you to chair yet another committee.  You listen to the explanation about why the seat is open etc., and then something AMAZING hear yourself say "No, thank you."   


Yes, it's true, you don't actually NEED a legitimate reason to say, "No," when someone asks you for your time.  

You can simply say, "No".  

Why You Need to Say, "No" More Often

Because you crave a HAPPY LIFE.  And You deserve to BE HAPPY.

Too often you sign your life away for fear that other's will judge and reject you.  "Oh God what will she think of me if I don't help?"  I think it's about time you ask, "How will I feel about myself if I keep saying yes?"  

Through my truth telling assessments you'll discover what you're truly passionate about and only say, "Yes," to things that directly fill your happiness bucket.  

In order to say "No," you need to be assertive.  And in order to not feel guilty about saying "No," you have to know why you're being assertive.  Understanding your top core values and ideal lifestyle takes care of that.

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It's the most valuable commodity.  We do ANYTHING for more time--lie and lose sleep.  BUT we don't handle it with care.  

We're not protective of our time. 

We give it away freely.  

When we do sit down at night, we numb to our Facebook newsfeed, because we're shot from everything and everyone tapping our reserves that we can't think of doing anything but sitting and scrolling.  

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"What will I get from life coaching?"

Self-respect for starters.  In order for you to create a meaningful life and get what you want, you MUST show yourself the same love and respect you show your family and friends.  You'll learn how to have boundaries around your time so that you only say, "Yes" to things that feed your soul and that are aligned with your life goals.

You'll learn, How to Love Yourself

On some level you feel that you're worth loving, yet during the day-to-day mayhem, you get pushed towards the back burner (repeatedly). 

This is A Guaranteed Service

There's no risk by signing up with your very own life coach.  I guarantee that you'll see results AND that you'll be exceptionally happy with my customer service.  If for ANY reason you feel like life coaching is not for you, I'll refund 100 percent of your money and give you free resources to find a coach that's a better fit.  No Questions asked.  

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This is what my client's have to say about my coaching services:

The personalized service made me feel like I was the only client.
— Andrea, Minnesota
My coach gave me the courage to go after my passion in life.
— Susan, Minnesota
Slowing down allowed me to answer the question, what do I truly want.
— Nikki, Georgia

I want you to know that I created this coaching business because I know the benefits on a personal level.  I have done the personal work you're about to embark on.  I understand the enormous added value to have a mentor by your side, step-by-step.  

Your Time Is Now

If I can leave you with one last nugget to hold on too.  You'll never feel more ready than you do right now.  It'll always be scary to take the next step, and that's okay.  You're venturing out into the unknown and what you'll soon realize, the unknown is where you belong.

I respect you and your time.  In full disclosure I only take on a certain number of clients per month.  I do this because I hold a very high standard when it comes to customer service and providing clients with the best possible coaching experience.  In order to achieve my goal I have to stay true to my mission and limit clientele.  With that said, there's no pressure to sign up today, but just note that if I cannot get you started this month I'll sign you up for the following month.  Thank you for your understanding and patience.