Happiness: Secret Revealed

The real reason for your unhappiness will shock you.

Have you ever asked yourself, “Who am I wasting my life for”?

According to a study from the Harvard University, you lose 50 percent of your life by doing multiple things at once. 

As a society we’re so busy that it has become mandatory to multitask.  When you drive, you think about work, when you help your son with homework, you mentally scan your to-do list.

It’s shocking to think that if you live to be 78 years of age (average life expectancy), 39 of those years will be wasted…

Who are we multitasking for 24/7?  Who gets those extra years that we loose?  It’s not our children, or our partners.  If the people that matter most, don’t benefit from our mental absence, why do we continue to miss out on our lives?

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