The Unexpected Reason WHY Women Cheat

The Ashley Madison Scandal Has Couples on HIGH Alert

Men are catching A TON of flack from the media in lieu of the Ashley Madison hack.

BUT the truth is that more than 50 percent of married women cheat too.  AND 30 percent of adultery happens between the ages of 35-44.  

If you look at the life cycle, that’s right in the middle of their pursuit of the elusive American dream.

If the American dream is so great, why are we searching for more? 

The Trap that Puts You at HIGH Risk to Cheat

By the time you’re ready to say, “I Do,” the patriotic vision has been dangled in front of your nose for decades.  An aspiration promised to be the ultimate achievement.

Pre-matrimony, you craft a fantasy life with your soon-to-be spouse.  You talk about common goals, your ideal lifestyle, and even play around with the idea of parenthood.

What sucks about make-believe is that it romanticizes the sh*tty parts.  AND it does a horrific job depicting how much time and money it takes to sustain such a dream. 

In reality, you have no clue about how exhausting the all-night-cry-fests will be. Or how the demands of parenting will hijack your “us” time.

Exhausted parent

The Distorted Dream

The American dream used to be about seizing opportunities in order to have a good life and retire financially secure.

Now the so-called ideal has us stuck in a gluttonous cycle of buy now, pay later—separating us from our loved ones, while we pay for our purchases.

How The Dream Derails

You get sucked into the idea that, BIGGER is better, (don’t worry, it happens to everyone).   You buy a home larger than necessary and vehicles loaded with options.  You get lots of stuff to fill your massive home, and take luxurious vacations.

Your Connection Tank Drains

You reach out to your husband and beg for more attention.   He recoils with frustration.  To him, his dedication to the co-created goals should be enough.

The disillusionment of the vision becomes clear. 

You crumble in defeat and he works more to make things better.  The longer hours leave him too tired to give you anything, which only exacerbates your loneliness.

Months roll by and a thick layer of animosity settles into your marriage.  You resent him for not listening to your cries and he resents you for expecting too much.

The Downward Spiral

When you feel isolated and hopeless you tend to look for a quick fix.  That could be a glass of wine (or three), new décor, or the next best gadget that promises to make your life easier. 

But once the newness buzz wears off, you realize that you have only aggravated the problem.  Now your pants fit a little tighter, your credit card bill is higher, and the gadget is too complicated to be useful.

The American dream has turned into the modern day nightmare.

Too busy, too far in debt to change things, and connection starved.

Emotionless, you do whatever it takes to make it through the day.  You keep busy, focus on the kids, and scroll your newsfeed to numb the persistent emotional pain.

A life of chaos and multitasking becomes your norm.  You feel numb and half-dead.  Until one day…

Someone Pays Attention To You

Whether you’re at your son’s soccer game, in an office meeting, or an old flame reaches out to you on Facebook.  In that moment the world transforms like when Dorothy reaches the kingdom in the Wizard of Oz.

Colors are brighter, food tastes better, and the little annoyances don’t seem to bother you anymore.  You feel young, desirable, and most importantly you feel alive.

You See…Nobody Is Immune To Infidelity

The Real Reason Why Women Cheat

In order to understand betrayal, you need to look at the original source.  Focus on where the nightmare started. 

Yes, women are starving for emotional connection, but aren’t we all.  The American nightmare has us working non-stop in order to pay for what we have accumulated to make us feel accomplished. 

The Danger Behind Our Pace

In order to keep up with the world and the Jones’ we need to go into an automation/survival coma. 

The danger with numbing your way through life is that it gets boring and NOTHING wakes you faster than a little attention.

Are you ready to give societal standards the middle finger?  Back 2 Love is a simple guide teaching couples how to successfully recover from their modern American nightmare.