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Do you want to create a new way of living?

Answer "Yes," and you're ready for a Business Coach.

I help you craft a fail-proof action plan, create strategies around future road blocks, and get you to your destination FASTER...

Are you ready to only have to answer to yourself?  Like millions you're tired of wasting your life working for someone else, and sick of having your extra work go unnoticed.  I'll show you how life can be different.

There are two types of people in this world:  Those that surrender to a 9-5 (sometimes longer, sometimes weekends), clock in, do their tasks, and clock out.  There's nothing wrong with this type of person.  They play it safe and have no intention of ever doing anything bigger or better.

Then there are people like us.  We did the whole 9-5 thing and discovered, it's not for us.  You know deep down in your soul that you're meant for something bigger--something greater.

I just want to be happy image

"I just want to be happy."

I bet you say this about 10 times a week.  The reason why you're not happy is because you, like countless others, got sucked into this rat race called "life," and feel like there's no way out.  I'll teach you how to redefine what your life will look like.

I'm in the business of creating ideal lifestyles

What the major business corporations don't want you to know is that there's a way to live where your happy, follow your dreams, and make your passions come to life.  


"What if I'm in too deep?"

Legitimate concern.  Answer this, what will you regret more when you're 76-years old and reflect back on your life's accomplishments and experiences:  

  • That you stayed stuck in order to play it safe?  That you allowed everyone else to dictate how you spent your days and lived your life? 
  • Or seeing that you followed your passion, crafted an ideal lifestyle, and lived at your own pace, AND did what you loved?


work life balance

There's more to life than work and stress

The saddest thing about this vicious cycle is that most don't think it can ever change.  

The majority don't believe that life can be different.  They simply put their heads down and keep grinding away cursing the messes they create.  

Very few actually have the guts to stand up and say, "Really, life sucks, and I'm going to do something to change it."

Whether you have a business idea or you simply want to slow down and do a job that allows you the freedom to have some fun in your life, I can help.

My area of expertise is not helping you create a business that'll provide you millions of dollars and keep you away from your family and friends.  My passion lies in helping you create a business or career change that allows you to live your ideal lifestyle.

What makes you happy?

Let's say you want to start an online company that provides exceptional health and fitness advice for clients all around the world.  This could be your work day:  You wake up at 5:30 (before the kids), grab your cup of Joe, head to your home office in your PJs, knock out your 3 required tasks for the day (we'll teach you how to narrow your focus to three), turn off your computer by 10 am and go on and do whatever you want for the rest of your day.  We have a client that created a lifestyle just like that.

I used to slave hours a day at the computer. But with the help from my coach I was able to focus my energy on what makes my business most successful. Now, I work for 4-5 hours in the morning and the rest of the day is mine.
— Ryan, Minnesota
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You don't have to start fresh.  If you like what you do, but just want more freedom.  We can help you on the back end where the money goes out.  The bottom line is this.  If you want a lavish lifestyle where you jet off on bi-weekly trips live like a king or queen, and destroy your relationships in the process, then you do need to hire Tony Robbins and he can get you there.  That's not what we do.

What we do is work with the men and women that want to live an ideal lifestyle in a smarter way.  You don't have to be loaded to live like a king/queen you simply have to know what your ideal lifestyle looks like and then plan your job and how you spend your money around that.

We teach you how to motivate yourself

When you are your own boss or you do get additional clearance from your supervisor to work remotely, you'll need to have the skills to motivate yourself. We'll show you how to get things done in a painless manner so that you can get back to what you really enjoy. 

Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life.

We love this line and agree 100 percent.  Our clients find their passion, follow their dreams, and never go to work again. They simply enjoy all parts of their life. 

Find Your Passion

Find Your Passion Image

What are you passionate about?  Is it helping working moms feel less stressed?  Maybe you come up with a service that comes to their aid when they're on the brink of crashing.  Do you obsess over sweet rides?  What if you developed a company that customized cars and you craft 100 percent original rides for your customers.  

Whatever your passion is, figure it out and follow your heart.  Life is too short to keep playing back stage.  Get out there in the front and center and own your life.  Stop letting others dictate how your money is spent or how your time is spent.  


You only get one shot.  One attempt to do something great, why waste any more time not doing what you love?

You literally have no reason not to follow your dreams and create an ideal lifestyle.  We back our professional coaching services with 100 percent money back guarantee.  If at anytime you feel like the coaching is not working or if you're just not satisfied, we will refund your money, no questions asked.  

If not now, when?  You'll never find happiness if you settle for less than you deserve.

We respect you and your time.  In full disclosure we only take on a certain number of clients per month.  We do this because we hold a very high standard when it comes to customer service and providing our clients with the best possible coaching experience.  In order to achieve our goal we have to stay true to our mission and limiting our clientele.  With that said, there's no pressure to sign up today, but just note that if we cannot get you started this month we'll sign you up for the following month.  We hope you understand our mission and thank you for your patience.