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Learn about the power of vulnerability in your marriage...

Dear Friends,

Are you tired of not having quality time together?  Do you wish that there was some way that you two could go back to the good ole days, when life was simpler?  Well you can.  We'll help you two fall back in love and create a marriage that's filled with passion, fun, and playfulness.  

Step 1:  Learn How To Slow Down

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Did you know that in our lifetime we spend an average of 23,214 hours washing cloths and only 658 hours cuddling and being romantic?  Isn't this lopsided?  If you want a marriage that's full of connection and desire you have to exchange little and BIG affections each and every day.  

We have the Top Relationship Tips on how to create daily rituals.  The first step is to slow down and take inventory of your life.  Does your lifestyle match up with your top core values?


Step 2:  Simplify Your Life

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There's no way around all the stuff that stands between you and your spouse.  The shuttle service you provide for your children's extra curricular sports, the over committed social calendar, the time it takes to maintain all your material possessions, all interferes with your marriage.  

Your relationship coach will teach you the value of simple living and show you how much freedom comes from not having so much stuff to clutter your life.

It's not about finding your SOULMATE,  it's about finding a WORKMATE.

A workmate that fights the world with and for you.  A spouse that goes to bat when something threatens your happiness.  Marriage takes a lot of work and in our Top Relationship Tips cheat sheet you'll have the secrets for a successful marriage.  

You must have trust in a relationship before you can experience the power of vulnerability in your marriage.

Healthy communication is about intimacy, trust, and vulnerability.  Your relationship coach helps you come back to each other in a way that feels safe and secure.  You'll learn how to cultivate a space within your relationship where you two go to be open and honest.  That's the heart of intimacy.

Step 3:  Savor The Moments | Make Memories

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The truth is that you have not lived until you learn how to truly BE PRESENT in your own life.  Your coach teaches you how to unplug from the world and tune into your spouse and family.  Once you slow down and take inventory of what's important to you, and simplify your life by trimming the excess, you'll be SHOCKED by how much time you two have to savor the moments.  Because in the end that's what really matters.



"What's the difference between Couples Therapy and Relationship Coaching?"

Couples therapy vs relationship coaching

A lot actually.  When you enter couples therapy the first stage of most programs require you to dig up all the old and hurtful things you have ever said and/or did to each other.  Most therapy models are about understanding your background and where you came from, in contrast Relationship Coaching focuses on where you are and where you want to go.  What doesn't help couples in therapy is insight alone, which unfortunately is the place where a lot of "couples" therapists stop.  

A good relationship coach builds on your strengths as a couple and finds small steps that work towards a solution today, NOT in 12 months.  We want you to leave every single coaching session with a plan in hand describing what you two are going to do, that week, to make progress.  

Relationship Coaching is like a freight ship.  There's a departure and an arrival.  The ship has it's destination in sight the entire time.  Couples therapy is like a touring cruise boat.  It goes towards the destination for a while and then stops off to analyze an 'historical' spot in the marriage.  This cruise ship does a lot of sight seeing (gaining insight) and even sometimes returning to the same dock it started.  

We Coach differently

We understand what makes a happy marriage and how to create a successful relationship.  One thing we need you to know is this: When you're working with a coach you're not doing therapy, you're doing coaching.  We're happy to explain further the differences between the two.

Your coach is the freight ship that takes you to your destination in a safe and healthy manner.  We understand how to keep things moving in a forward progression at all times.

What our clients have to say

We had tried everything, except going back to the basics. Once we had a clear focus it was easy to see the light.
— M. and W., Canada
Happy marriage
The principles are basic and the best part, they work!
— C. Utah
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Once we had time for each other again, it was easy to fall back in love.
— D. and T., Washington
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Time is precious

Don't wait another day not feeling in love with your spouse.  It's just not worth it.  Time is precious and we only get so much of it.  You'll never get this moment back, don't waste it.  With our expert knowledge in the field of relationships, you're in excellent hands.  

Your relationship coach will help map out a master action plan that'll get you two EXACTLY where you want to be.  Relationship coaching is A TON of fun and you two will honestly look forward to your sessions each week.  

"How long does it take?"

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That depends on each couple.  Our program package is for 10 weeks.  After you complete your questionnaire your coach will assess for session frequency and let you know in the follow up email.  By the time you get to this point you're ready for change.  The majority of our couples sign up for once a week sessions and then complete their 'assignments' between sessions.  Yes, you'll have homework. 

There's no risk.  100 Percent Money Back Guarantee!

We believe in our program and have had such great success that we don't hesitate to say that if you two are committed to change you WILL get your desired outcome.  

We're passionate about love and respect your time and resources.  If we didn't believe that there was every chance that you two could fall back in love we wouldn't be here.  This is our one shot at life.  Don't waste it feeling disconnected.  We can and will help you.

We respect you and your time.  In full disclosure we only take on a certain number of clients per month.  We do this because we hold a very high standard when it comes to customer service and providing our clients with the best possible coaching experience.  In order to achieve our goal we have to stay true to our mission and limiting our clientele.  With that said, there's no pressure to sign up today, but just note that if we cannot get you started this month we'll sign you up for the following month.  We hope you understand our mission and thank you for your patience.