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"Mommy, Why Are You Sad?"

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Sarah a 36-year old mom from Chicago will never forget the day that her 4-year old climbed up on her lap, looked right into her eyes and asked, "Mommy, why are you so sad?"

Ouch...  Any parent knows how awful that would feel.  

Just in our everyday lives we put up this facade that "Everything's perfect," when in reality, "LIFE SUCKS".  

Your Facebook newsfeed is stuffed with images and posted that describe your happy life, yet the pages in your journal or the internal reel in your head is filled with sadness and question marks.

"What if I'm never successful?"  "I'll never be good enough."  "I just want to be happy."  Thoughts like these consume your mental energy and steal your joy.


So, the BIG question, "Why can't I just be happy?"  The Truth is that life will SUCK until you stop living for others.


Ask Yourself:  What do I want? 

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Sure the big fancy lifestyle is great, but if you're not truly happy what does it matter?  All that I want for you is to create a life that you're excited to wake up for.

Let's pretend that I have a magic wand and in one wave your life is EXACTLY how you want it to be, what's different?

It's great to imagine what life could be like, but that's not the issue.  The real fear is that, you'll NEVER have that life.

Check out this inspirational Ted Talk by Nick Vujicic: 

If a man born with no legs and arms can decide how his story unfolds, why can't you?

I'm determined to create the most IDEAL LIFESTYLE for the next client that contacts me.  

The question is, will that client be you?

According to a recent Harris Poll, only 1 in 3 Americans are very happy.   This statistic tells us that we're missing a BIG key to happiness.  

It's not about having the biggest house, the newest gadget, or the fastest car.  It's about being brave enough to follow your dreams.  

Happiness comes from being vulnerable to the "not knowing" and accept that you will fail (several times) before you succeed.  

A huge portion of our lives is dedicated to other people and keeping up with appearances.  

My coaching services are about getting to the heart of what makes you happy and delivering you to that state of existence.  

It's Hard To Know Where To Start

Living the same way for many years has an affect on how clearly you see your opportunities.  

It's like you have severe tunnel vision and view the world as a place full of restrictions.  When in reality, it's a giant playground ready for you to jump in and have fun.

Whether you Want to be happy, or Start your own business, or learn How to fall back in love, your time to MAKE IT HAPPEN is now.  

What sets me apart from other coaches, is my ability to cut through the white noise and show you the real possibilities for your life.  

Yes, life can be a difficult place and at other times be utterly FANTASTIC.  My goal is to teach you how to harness the magic in life to fuel your progress.  

You WILL achieve your maximum personal and professional potential, and all you have to do is say "Yes".  

"Yes," to yourself, "Yes" to living your best life, "Yes" to being HAPPY!

The techniques that Jessica used were straight forward and effective.
— Charlie, Montana
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Make the most of your time

No matter how impossible your goal appears, I promise you that there are ways to achieve what your heart desires.  

The pace of life is so fast that we forget that we do actually have power to slow it down.  We get stuck in a soul sucking job, anchored to a huge mortgage, and continue to live in this hell just to stay above water.  THAT'S NOT LIVING!  

The truth is, you do have choices and the ability to do something great with your life.  What are you waiting for?

Learn The #1 Surprising Skill That WILL Forever Change Your Life

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One of the greatest tools that I'll teach you, is the skill of decrement.  By learning this simple technique you'll:  gain more time, only sign up for things that bring you happiness, and simplify your life.


You'll look back on your life and think, "Hell yea, I did that".  Feel proud of what you accomplished because it mattered, not because it was what you were suppose to do.  



I believe so strongly in my services that I'll refund your money 100 percent (no questions asked) if you're not satisfied.  You have no reason not to say, "YES" to yourself and "YES to your dreams.

Take a moment to ask yourself this, "If I don't do something different, how will I ever get what I want"?  It's totally normal to be a skeptical, simply give me 2-minutes of your time and complete the Coaching Questionnaire.  

Jessica M. Miller, M.A.

My name is Jessica Miller and in addition to starting three successful companies, I've worked with hundreds of clients, helping them create their ideal lifestyles, healthier relationships, and happy lives.

You'll learn how to slow down, reprioritize, and build a better relationship.  

You don't have eternity to figure this stuff out.  

I see life different than most.  To me, life is about personally challenging yourself to exceed beyond what you thought was possible.  It's about building a lifestyle that enhances your time with family and friends.


What would you do with more time?  I bet you could think of 10 things off the top of your head.  Then why do we give away our time without a second thought?

Whether it's for a local church function, your mother-in-law, or your boss that needs just one more thing done before the weekend.  That's your time.  

We all know the old saying that starts with "Someday".  "Someday I'll be happy", or "Someday I will have my dream life," etc.  

Lets face it, cancer has crossed the age barrier and can infect us at anytime and unexpected deaths are on the rise.  If your someday is not NOW, you may miss it.  

Your time is now, and the sooner you can realize that the faster you'll achieve your dreams and never have to say "I just want to be happy," again.

Since working with Jessica my work efficiency has quadrupled. I now have more time to do the things that I love.
— Ryan, Minnesota

Business is my passion and my services are highly personalized.  For this reason I only take on so many clients at one time.  

I do this in order to provide you with exceptional customer service and deliver superior results.  

If my caseload is full, the wait time is generally less than one month.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out, I will be happy to provide you with an answer.

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